Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Memories Of A Miracle ~The Nursery Theme~

Beatrix Potter Murals

So we haven't got a home yet, but I'm having fun coming up with ideas for the nursery that are gender neutral.
I would like my walls a darker kahki with white crown molding in the middle.  I'd like a mural of Beatrix Potter at least on one side of the wall.  This is the one I've chosen so far. The site has wonderful ideas.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Memories Of A Miracle Post #3

I have an appointment on Friday with the prenatal high risk specialist.  Because I am a type II diabetic, I have to be closely monitored.  My sugars are somewhat higher than I'd like them to be, but aren't anywhere near what they've been in the past.  I've been EXTREMELY strict with myself.  Getting rid of sugar substitutes and having tea or water.  I have slipped an iced coffee or two, but nothing obsessive and I care more about this little life growing inside me, than I do of my own cravings.

Cravings -
                     For the most part, I'm not sure I have any right now.  I know I LOVE salads.  This is the season for all kinds of salads, pasta salads, fruit salads, green salads, etc.  My favorite are green salads with chicken and SPICEY ranch.  YUMMY.  Mexican, I LOVE mexican spicey meals too.  I've liked them before, but they just taste good to me right now.  I'm out on whether this is a craving just yet.

Doug seems to amaze me with each new day.  At first, he was distant a little.  I think part of it was the surprise of it all, another part was the potential of losing this little miracle and last, maybe not being able to feel first-hand what is going on in my body.

With each new day though, He's becoming quite the doting husband and daddy.  He has been doing more things to be sure I don't lift anything too heavy or do anything too strenuous.  His mind is spread thin with getting re-preapproved for a home of our own, having moved from his parents to our friends home for awhile and in a month or two, moving again somewhere all while dealing with a pregnant wife and watching out for our little one. 

The thought of a new life to be responsible for may be an issue for him too. 
As each day comes, he's been more and more involved in fun things.  Looking online to see what the baby looks like at this stage, coming up with names and helping figure out what we'll need for baby in the future.  I think all in all, the most important is nurturing baby though.  Material things aren't as important as taking care of baby.

 We are excited though to see what our little cutie looks like and who he or she will turn out to be.  My only hope, is that he/she/they come to know the greatest gift in life through Jesus Christ.  To raise our son or daughter to Love God and Serve Him.  Our baby after all, is HIS. He created him or her and blessed us with such an awesome little miracle that it's hard to comprehend any other way other than Gods way to create such a beautiful little baby.  Praise God for all He has created.

So friday is our appointment and I'm praying they'll do a sonogram early to be able to date our little baby. 
Please continue to pray God will strengthen him or her, the numbers will continue to grow, and we'll have a happy, healthy baby in 8 months.

God Bless You!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Memories Of A Miracle Post #2

After much trial, we FINALLY got the High Risk Dr.'s office to answer us.  We took an HCG lab and were called back.  Labs were good and our numbers were 340.  We're on track for a 4 or 5 week pregnancy. 
Later, we find it was in fact our mini-vacay to the Adirondacks where our little one was conceived.  Praise God!
An appointment is scheduled with the high risk OB for Friday July 3rd.  Please pray they give me an early sonogram so we can see our little one and know he or she is doing well.  Also pray we can hear a heartbeat this early. 
God created this little miracle, I know he/she/they are in HIS hands.
Glory be to God!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Memories Of A Miracle

Dr. Aziz calls to let me know in fact tests came back normal.  I didn’t have cancer as suspected, of course, it wasn’t "just stress" either.  I am in fact pregnant.

Today starts a new journey.  Dr.s said we couldn’t have a baby.  God spoke, and said it wasn’t so.  I was told I couldn’t ovulate.  I don’t even remember my last period.  God breathed life into my womb and so starts this unknown blessed journey. 

I shall jot down my thoughts, concerns and prayer requests as this type II diabetic works to carry this little miracle God helped create.