Preterm Loss & Awareness

A Work In Progress, Coming Soon....

This page is dedicated to sharing my experience of preterm loss and will also share websites that will encourage and educate families so that they may be able to detect the early signs and symptoms of Preterm complications that may lead to early loss.

 My hope is that this blog will help someone else understand the signs of an Incompetent Cervix, Preterm labor and PPROM (Preterm Premature Rupture Of Membranes) BEFORE there becomes a problem or to come to an understanding after a loss, so that they may become advocates of their healthcare for mother and baby in the future.

Please note that I am neither a Dr. nor a medical practitioner so my opinions and any medical information I share is based on my own experiences and advocacy.  It is up to the reader to ask questions and research information that may be pertinent to their own medical health.

What is an Incompetent Cervix?

What is Preterm Labor?

What is PPROM?

What is Cholestasis and how can it affect my pregnancy?

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). What is it and how can it affect my pregnancy?

What is a Cervical Cerclage?

As much as I'm irritated with MOD's these days, they have a great article on 17P Injections to help prevent preterm labor.