Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're Having A...

Today we had our week 22 sonogram and found out we are having a boy. Words can't describe how excited we are.  I actually wanted a boy first to be a big brother to a sister some day.  If we had a little girl I'd be JUST as happy, but I'm quite glad with Gods choice. He just knew and created such a beautiful life.  My cup runneth over.

He still didn't cooperate with some of the measurements, but we have found out that he is 15 ounces.  Just shy of 1 pound.
We DO have a name, but we're keeping it a surprise until our little guy arrives. 

I have a theme picked out and I'm unsure if I shared it yet.  The nursery will be Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.  A light lime green color with baby and medium blue.  It's so fun because we had these colors to begin with when we thought we were going to adopt.  So God just KNEW.

I cannot post the sonogram today because we are at the library.  I will update with a picture closer to November.
Blessings to you all!

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