Friday, March 12, 2010

Why This Mom Of A Preterm Baby WON'T support march of dimes.

While they have "some" good intentions, their politically "in bed" and have an agenda and it's NOT to help those of us in the community who've lost their children through miscarriage and preterm birth.  Take a look at the email they just sent out:

"Women and Children Need Health Reform -- Act NowTake Action!

It's all over the news -- Congress is preparing to consider a final health care reform bill for the President's signature.  The bill is not perfect, but it does offer the chance to improve the health of and address the needs of women, infants, and children.

We need you to tell your Representative. Specifically ask him or her to vote "yes" on health reform because it will:
-insurers from denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition (such as a pregnancy or a birth defecit) and from imposing annual or lifetime limits on coverage.

-Require insurers to cover maternity care and pediatric benefits, including preventive services and treatments.

-Add smoking cessation counseling and pharmaceuticals for pregnant women to Medicaid in every state.
-Allow states to expand Medicaid family planning coverage (In other words ABORTIONS)- including preconception and interconception care -- without having to get a federal waiver.

You can make a difference in the lives of nearly 9 million uninsured children and more than 12 million uninsured women of childbearing age, many of whom would be eligible for coverage under health reform.  They need the improvements health reform can offer now. Speak up for them today by contacting your Representative."

Ladies and Gentlemen, not only will these actions RAISE the cost of Insurance for us all, March Of Dimes WANTS to use YOUR funds to help abort children! March Of Dimes says they use their funds for research on preterm births, however much of their research goes to stem-cell research on unborn children and to those they're politically in bed with who perform obortions.

 If that's not a slap in the face to those of us who've given birth to REAL babies preterm, I don't know what is.  We as a community should be mad about this! There should be an outcry in the streets about their practices and protests during the walks to raise more money for their "research" on unborn babies. 

Many of us either HAVE children in one way or another.  Some who've lost children or like myself have tried and tried and tried with many an obstacle.  Why the heck would we WANT to even PAY for someone to abort a child with OUR hard-earned money?! 

No, I walk for many charities and give my services to many but March of Dimes won't get a DIME from me!

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