Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Camera

I'm very excited because after we broke our camera last spring, we have finally chosen a new one.  I'm looking forward to the pictures we'll be taking and I'll finally be able to post future projects. 

I hope your all doing well.  It's been pretty cold here and Doug has been getting in extra hours due to low staffing at the hospital. 

I looking forward to posting blog entries again.


In My Heart said...

Oooo. What kind of camera did you get?
My family helped pitch -in to get my daughter a new camera for her birthday. It's a Kodak 14mp HD 5X zoom. Lots of features.

Stay warm in all the snow you've been getting.


Our Life and Journey! said...

Hello, I was blessed by your blog and the way you write from the heart.Your hope and trust in the Lord is very evident and encouraging to me. I just wanted to stop in and say I will be visiting often. God's Blessings over you!


Treasures Evermore said...

Hi dear friend....just stopping by quickly to check in on you. How is everything going? Any news on the test results. We've moved and I'm just getting internet back.

Will check back as time permits.


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