Saturday, November 19, 2011

12 Days Of Eternal Gifts

Please join me in treasuring the eternal gifts of the Christmas season.  Link to 12 Days of Eternal Gifts over at More To Be.

Day 1 ~ Let my Spirit fill you.
Day 2 ~ Let my Word satisfy you.
Day 3 ~ Let my Living Water refresh you.
Day 4 ~ Let my love surround you.
Day 5 ~ Let my forgiveness heal you.
Day 6 ~ Let my grace transform you.
Day 7 ~ Let my mercy undo you.
Day 8 ~ Let my purposes direct you.
Day 9 ~ Let my plans delight you.
Day 10 ~ Let me. Let me in.
Day 11 ~ Let me rule. Let me reign.
Day 12 ~ For my glory.

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Lisa said...

So glad you are joining in!

By His Grace,

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