Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Memories Of A Miracle ~Hospital Trip For Pump Installation~

It's certainly been awhile.  Not on purpose I can assure you, but since we moved to our friends house for a short time, I just don't have the bandwidth to access my blogs lately. 

So here I am in the hospital and thought I'd update here since the speed is pretty awesome here.
I am 13 weeks pregnant today!  Yay. What a wonderful thing to say.  I never thought I'd get here and God has blessed our lives abundantly in SO many ways.

The baby is doing fine since my last appointment over a week ago.  I found out my uterus is tipped so it's making things harder to see the baby lately.  Heartbeat has been a whopping 167 and in weeks prior 176.  Growing nicely. 

We were having a blood screening done and with my uterus tipped as it is, it just couldn't be done.  I saw it as Gods answer to trust in Him.  So we're at peace.

Why am I in the hospital?  I'm on the insulin pump for tighter control for me and the baby. THAT, dear friends is a blessing in itself!  That pump cost 7 thousand dollars. I wouldn't have EVER been able to afford it, but God knew that I needed it.  So it was covered IN FULL by my insurance. So is my hospital stay.
Would you believe I have a private room with AWESOME air conditioning, a tv, internet access, a nice bathroom and have been offered FREE Massage, a volunteer came up to hand me magazines, games, and even an adult coloring book, while another volunteer got me water.  :wow  My stay here is quite a positive one and Doug has been able to stay here with me, which helps with less traveling because he actually is an RN on a different floor here.

I was SO nervous about laboring here and God has put my mind at ease over the past few days.
My body is trying to get used to new insulin in my insulin pump.  I had ALOT of training for the pump and am now on a fast acting insulin.  When my sugars are at a normal level, I feel like I've had a TON of caffeine with the shakes.  I've had a couple of highs tonight so we'll see if I go home tomorrow or not.  Either way, I'm in great hands and we are all doing well. 

My husband just blesses my spirit everytime he's around.  He went down for something to eat and came up with beautiful roses for me, He's sacrificed SO much to make me comfortable and what I love most about him is his love for the Lord.  I'm just in awe at what God has blessed me with and there is no price on the gifts I've been given.  God is so good!

Today Doug and I walked around the unit and enjoyed the nursery with all the babies in them.  It gave us both such a bright smile and reminded us of the Gift God has given us. We can't wait to see our little one in February.

I look forward to the day I can hold this little one who grew in my womb. To meet the little personality, the beauty of Gods creation.
Ugh, My cup runneth over!

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