Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Focus

So in hearing some of your responses, chatting with a couple friends of mine (one who is a genetics counselor the other an adoption agent who see's sono's all the time) I've decided to put aside the feedback I got from the pediatric cardiologist.

First, I'm told that VSD is very common. Second I'm told that while it "can" be associated with Downs, there are MANY infants who don't have any chromosomal abnormalities.  Third, it seems to me that many of these Dr.'s have brought up age issues with quite a few of us here and without justification.

All that said and I feel as though the first a foremost important priority is to keep Amelia safe and get her to term by bed rest and of course by my faith in Jesus Christ.

satan seems to know my buttons and unfortunately, I let him play on those fears instead of reminding myself how POWERFUL and MIGHTY our Lord Heavenly Father is.

So in seeing just how rediculous this assumption is, I'm certainly NOT going to freak out about it for 8 weeks.  We'll deal with it when and IF it even happens, but I'm NOT going to give attention to something we don't know is true.  God is the Great Physician and Ultimate Healer.  HE knows every cell and hair on Amelia's body.  As one reader has mentioned.  God does NOT make mistakes!

I had some pain last night and decided instead of just letting my mind wander, I would focus on God.  I was reminded last night of "The JOY of the LORD is my STRENGTH"  Then I continued on.  God must be MIGHTY proud.  In creating this little miracle inside me, He has also brought such a testimony to our lives not just ONCE but TWICE!  During this pregnancy, though on bed rest, Doug has taken on quite a lot of extra work around the house.  Our church family has started bringing us a couple meals a week to lighten his burden, we've been given to use a dorm refrigerator to use upstairs until we have Amelia and someone nominated us for free housecleaning services.

Can you believe it?  Starting next week, we have someone coming in one day a week to clean our home.  I feel like a gem!  It will feel SO ODD being here and having someone clean for us while I am laying down.  I'm not used to this OR this luxourious service. Both Doug and I are Grateful though.

It reminded me last night of the saying "it takes a village to raise a child".  That phrase couldn't be more true for us.  God has blessed us with so many friends both in real life and over the internet who have blessed our hearts, encouraged us, served us and prayed for us.  Amelia is a bi-product of all those who have been a part of her life from utero.

When I look at all that, I see just how Awesome God is and how much His hand is in Amelia's gestational growth, birth and onward.  As the Bible says, "When God is for us, who can be against us"? Romans 8:31

In closing, another blogger friend of mine responded by asking me to find that Scripture that will lift my spirits and remind me of Gods Power and Might.  This is what I've been leaning on thus far, but have never actually written or typed it out for me to see physically.  So I conclude with this scripture that I plan to focus on until we deliver our little Amelia in the fall.

Thus says the Lord…He who formed you…Do not fear…I have redeemed you…I have called you by name…You are Mine! …I will be with you…I am the Lord your God…Your Savior…You are precious in my sight…You are honored…I love you…Do not fear….adaptation of Isaiah 43:1-5

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