Friday, May 13, 2011

A Precious Little Girl And A Funneling Cervix At 18wks

Came back from our scan and Dr. appointment. Good news is baby is doing well! The head measurements were good, and all the other organs and such were on target. We're scheduled for an echocardiogram for the baby which is a common thing to do with babies of Diabetic mommies but as far as she could tell the baby's heart was doing fine. They just couldn't see all of it because of the way the baby was positioned.

My cervical length went down YET again to 32 with slight funneling this time which ISN'T a good sign. I almost landed in the hospital today to keep an eye on it, but the Dr. said "A normal closed cervical length is a good indicator of a normal positive outcome." Meaning it's at 32 right now and it won't be ABNORMAL until it gets to 25 before they'll actually follow through with a cerclage stitch. Funneling to them doesn't matter because the cervix is still closed (this seems to be typical of IC though)

Funneling is basically the very top of your cervix beginning to open. If you imagine a plastic funnel used to fill a bottle with liquid, the cervix is looking exactly like that - kind of 'Y' shaped. The top of the Y being the part they refer to as "funneling". It isn't catastrophic because the rest of the cervix is still long and closed, but it is a sign of very early cervical changes.

So I'm going in WEEKLY now for internal scans To watch the cervical length.

I DID find out the gender though. This is all so bitter-sweet for me. I want to shout it to the world what we're having and yet...I'm afriad of losing this one now too. It's just a waiting game and while I have more intervention than I had with our son Jackson jeffrey, The Dr.'s in this state take a conservative approach to stitching the cervix because they aren't sure what causes what...if Incompetant cervix causes Preterm Labor or vise versa. They'd rather take the more conservative and less invasive approach.

So on with the gender:

I hope the pic isn't too big as I'm still having issues with photobucket re-sizing.

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It's a Her name will be Amelia. Will you all keep us in your thoughts and prayers that Amelia will be born healthy at her due date either the last week of Sept. or 1st week of October?! We can use all the prayer we can get.


Rachel said...

I'm praying for you! How lovely to be having a girl, and Amelia is one of my favourite names.
Do you have to be on bed-rest or anything like that to help the cervix?
Praying daily for God's protection for you both!

Patti said...

I will most definitely be continuing in prayer for you and little Amelia. After all, I was part of the prayer force that brought her into your womb, so I want to pray her safely out as well.


Treasures Evermore said...

I am SOOOOOOO excited for you...I am bawling like a baby....know that I will be praying and praying for you and this precious little girl. Oh how I wish I was there to hug and help spoil you and hubby until her arrival.


Leah said...

YEAH!! That is so wonderful! A precious little girl! My niece's name is Amelia, and I love it! So beautiful! (Except that call her Mia, which is cute, but Amelia is so much better!)

We'll pray for that cervix. God is good!

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