Thursday, July 9, 2009

Memories Of A Miracle ~The Baby Items & Being Plus Size Pregnant~

The past few days I've been catching up on sleep.  I haven't been sleeping through the night lately because I've had to pee a million times.  Praise God!   I'd rather go through this than anything else right now.  I'm just grateful to God that He's allowed me to partake in such a beautiful birth experience.

In the meantime, I'm exhausted mid-afternoon. So I take that opportunity to listen to my body and just nap as I need to.  I've been trying to eat well and working on continuing exercise as I have before.  Not strenuous by any means. Just walking the dogs in the afternoon so I can have some exercise.  I forgot to mention that at my last OB appointment, I actually LOST 6 more lbs.  I'm flabbergasted by it all, but maybe in the midst of this pregnancy, I'll lose a bit and won't gain much baby weight.  I am a plus size to those who don't know me.  This year, I've lost the most weight just before my pregnany.  Another praise report thanks to God.  I know I'll gain some weight for the baby which I don't mind at all, but maybe I won't gain as much as others because I already have it to begin with??  Only time will tell for sure I suppose.

Oh, while I'm on the subject.  Plus Size Maternity.  There are very FEW places that sell maternity clothing around here....Target, walmart has REALLY limited and ugly supplies, Pea in the Pod seems to sell to the teeny boppers as does Sears.  I've found some nice clothes at Motherhood which tends to be pricey and JCPenny's is OK, but caters to the teeny boppers as well.  Where in the world can I find some cutsie maternity clothes for Me?!

It's almost affensive that stores cater to thinner, younger mommies.  I mean, I've even seen tank tops with the belly showing and Holy Cats!  Shorts that BARELY cover the bum.  Do people actually wear these things when they're pregnant?  I know the beauty of pregnancy...but whatever happened to modesty?  And how about giving us larger women a break and allow us to dress like we are beautiful pregnant mommies and not like slobs that can't wear anything other than stretchy regular pants and HUGE t-shirts.  Common designers, this is really something women of ALL sizes need to have.  Don't shut us out.  Allow us to enjoy our own beauty!

k, enough whining. Haha  We are double dating with our dear friends whose anniversary is at the end of the month.  We're treating them to dinner and a movie.  While there, I hope to check out the bigger stores to see if I can find some nice maternity clothes to wear.  I'd also like to go to babies R Us and test out some strollers.  I've been given the advice that testing BEFORE buying is something that should be done because Strollers can very in weight and may vary in room for bags, cuppies, etc.

I'm finding it fun while we wait, to check out all the baby sites to see what the good items are to get.
We already have a crib and a baby armoir that we were planning to use for Foster to Adopt program.  God provides all our needs.  Hallelujah!

We also have the baby bedding, though I have no pics to show right now.  They are in storage.

 I'm just keeping myself occupied as we wait for our next OB appointment and 8 week sonogram Next Friday. 

Please continue to keep us all in your prayers.  That our baby continues to grow, his or her organs continue to develop and that he or she will be safe in my womb for 8 more months.  We covet your prayers and are grateful for them. We are even more grateful to God for His lovingkindness and protection on us.  His hands created this little one and we are forever in praise for this Heavenly Father of ours.  He is Mighty and Powerful.  Praise Be to God!

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