Monday, July 13, 2009

Memories Of A Miracle Post #4

The past three days, I've been feeling pretty naucious from time to time.  Still no "morning sickness" per sey, but I'm naucious more.

I'm enjoying talking to the baby and rubbing my little belly to comfort both the baby and me.
Friday is our 8 week sonogram and I pray we'll find a continually growing baby who's organs are forming with Gods great touch.  I continue to pray that our little one will be safe in my womb for 8 more months.  God created this little miracle, I know He will continue to do His good work in our little one.

We have another meeting with the banker tomorrow to get preapproved for our home.  While in the City, I will have blood testing done so that it will get to the OB's by Friday.  Praise be to God.

We are grateful for your prayers and covet them as we look to Him for Victory and praise Him for this little miracle and all the blessings we have.  God is SO good.  I love Him so much.

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