Thursday, July 23, 2009

Memories Of A Miracle ~The Insulin Pump Approval~

I'm SO excited!  I was just called today and was told that my insurance company approved the insulin pump that I need in order to keep a TIGHT control over my sugars.  Praise God!  I was told that MANY women don't get approval until their pregnancy is almost over.  Kind of defeats the purpose when you need it to protect your baby.

It's been only 3 weeks and I will receive the pump on Monday where I will wait to hear from the professional on how to use it.  I will be hospitalized for 3 days (because I'm pregnant) and then all will be well throughout the pregnancy and I can rest my mind.

My sugars have been high in the mornings and at nights.  It's pretty stressful.  High sugars can cause birth defects.  I've been trying my hardest to lower my sugars with what I have, but mainly I've been trusting in Jesus to continue to protect the baby and myself.  God is good. He created this little miracle as He has all miracles.  I have no doubt He will continue His good work. The baby is fine and on target for where we are.

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