Thursday, January 14, 2010

BV, Genetic Disorder, or something else?! Answer to a question

Another blogger has asked me a question that I thought I'd answer.

In the beginning, after I gave birth to our son Jackson Jeffrey, we were given a couple reasons for the end result.  After testing the placenta however, the final result was "bacterial Vaginosis" which I was told was a FREAK thing and wouldn't happen with every pregnancy. That's given we'd actually get pregnant again, but that's a whole other story.

I don't think I ever said it was a genetic disorder, though I was concerned that Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or side affects from it like Type II diabetes and/or the hypothyroid caused our sons death. I blamed myself because of these issues for quite awhile.  The following new results are bitter-sweet.  We've found some answers and are finding some sort of closure.

After going home, researching what we were told and then knowing that our sons apgar score was actually EXCELLENT for his gestation. Things weren't adding up.

SO ((SIGH)), after hearing our concern, a woman I met at a womens outing mentioned her OB who has done in-depth studies and it might be to our advantage to just talk with him.

After SEVERAL hours in his office, looking over hospital records, medical records leading up to his birth, listening to the events that took place, we found quite a few things.  He started talking (the new OB) and one thing after another started making sense vs. what we were told by the origional Dr's.

Here is what took place:
Outing with someone who was impatient and decided several times in a road rage to SLAM on the breaks.  An hour later, I lost my mucus plug.  I suspected it could be that, but there was no blood.  Made an appointment with whom we were told was THE ONLY high risk center in 7 counties for our area (because I've got diabetes, not because it was an issue, but to be monitored).  NEVER saw any of the perinatal Dr.'s.  In fact, only saw the nurse practitioner who instead of LISTENING to me, decided to go by the songrom from the day before the incident where we were told cervix was fine and nothing was wrong.

Even after several appointments, the nurse practitioner STILL ignoring my plea. Had she and the Dr.s actually done their job, they'd have found a shed mucus plug, would have been able to insert an antibacterial type suppository and cerclaged the cervix.

Our new OB has let us know that Bacterial Vaginosis is an excuse to throw out when they cannot explain why bacteria has found its way into the amniotic sac and placenta.  In which case, had they looked and known, the mucus plug is there to keep bacteria out.  When shed, it allows bacteria into the vaginal area which causes inflammation and in the end, caused the amniotic sac to bulge through before Jackson was actually ready. Thus pushing him out before he was ready.

So all this to say it wasn't a genetic disorder.  If it were Diabetes or hypothyroid, we were told by several different OB's, that I would have miscarried in the first trimester and I was in the second.

It WAS bacteria in the vaginal area.  But it was caused by something.  There was no more plug left, which allowed bacteria up to the placenta and amniotic sac where it wasn't corrected. THUS causing the death of our son.

Now I know there will be MANY wondering why we aren't suing.  Fact is, it would cost FAR more than we could afford, is too hard to prove, and honestly isn't what we feel God would want. 
Instead, I'm using this time to grieve and will use this tragedy to make an impact in the lives of OTHER parents so they will NEVER have to go through this again.

Suing won't bring Jackson back, Education and Awareness will at least impact lives and HIS life and legacy will live on FAR beyond those beautiful 25 minutes we had with him. 

I share all this information with hopes to answer questions for those who wonder and to inform women to TRUST their intuition when things don't seem to be adding up and when they feel something is wrong and they aren't being listened to.

Take time to KNOW your body, don't be afraid to FIRE nurses and asking for another one, get rid of your Dr.'s if they aren't listening to you and if like me, your told they are the ONLY ones in the area.....choose LIFE and be willing to travel so you may get better care.  Speak UP to CEO's, speak up to Dr.'s whose office staff are rude and know that THEY work for YOU.  If you aren't being listened to, odds are, you won't get the best personal care and bedside manner.  NOTHING is worth risking your health or in our case, the health of our babys.

So I hope this answers the questions that have been lurking out there for me.  I wouldn't ordinarily be throwing this information out, but this is SERIOUS information that could possibly help someone in the future.  So I open my heart, our experience and our lives so that someone else may find answers BEFORE something like this happens.
Thank You for asking!

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