Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hospital Commercial Puts Me Over The Edge

The past two days, their commercial claims to be the best hospital for prenatal/postnatal and emergency care for infants.

I see an infant that was delivered through emergency C-section that they said they saved.
I see one that was delivered preterm that they saved.
a set of twins they saved.
And another one I can't remember.
How do I feel???  I'm PISSED OFF! 

Then why was I asked to stay or leave by the intern who said they couldn't do anything because I was short a week and a half.  Why did they say they were just going to wait until he was born and there was NOTHING they could do??  Why was I given that option and WHY didn't they call the attending or the perinatal physicians who would have started right away to try and stop the dialating instead of waiting until the next day when it's too late and my water breaks?

Why did we have to go to the 7th floor where they wheeled a new born baby boy past us...while we had to fill out Jackson's Death certificate? 

Why don't they provide any clothing that fit a child that small instead of leaving a mom feeling as though she fell short to provide even the smallest of clothing for her child not to mention fell short of trying to fight for his life?!

Finally, Why is it that just this week, we receive a letter with a bill attatched demanding we provide Jackson's Health Insurance card or PAY UP Including state TAX?!  In fact, how is it they even got his name when his name wasn't even acknowledged when asked.  Baby boy S. was the name.   Oh, we called them to let them know we DON'T HAVE a card...that our son is DEAD.  We demanded to know how this mistake happened when they couldn't seem to jot down even his name while he was alive!  We demanded an apology as well.

I keep saying this over and over and over again.  I AM going to contact the head CEO.  I don't want another parent going through what we have and are going through.  However, I'm waiting so I can go in with a level head and with some sort of tact and gentleness to offer my help with the experience we've had.

But what I DON'T want to see is how you saved all these baby's lives and refused to save MY CHILD!

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