Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something To Help Ease The Pain

Knitting In The Round

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Went to Knitting in the round class to learn the method in order to finish knitting the socks I started. Therapy so to speak.  While early, I seemed to get up and make it to the class.  I must say the class didn't first start out the greatest. I was behind with casting on and it only got worse with one of my neighbors who decided she needed to figit with her feet up n down while counting ALL her stitched, getting confused and starting over again when she lost count. THIS in tern caused ME to lose count and in the corner of my eye, see her foot stomp a million times fidgiting.  Drove me up the WALL. Haha

I suppose I needed the laugh today though.  Once I tilted a bit and tried to block her counting I started getting it.  I'll most likely go to the store on Monday for extra help as there is a two week gap and I'm noticing one side in the round is missing stitches and it's driving me up the wall!

 It's funny though how God puts others in our midst who DO support us at unexpected times.  A friend of mine from Idaho who called me as I balwed yesterday, and even my knitting group first knitting class and here was the teacher going through her own trial with her parents health failing, another woman making helmet covers in honor of her loved one who passed from the war, a mother who was dealing with fertility, another one empty nester.  We all just met today and yet there was peace in that time of learning to do make something with our hands and finding the ability to encourage each other through knitting to relax and find joy.

Three of us have decided to start a Saturday Sock Knit-in after our last class.  My other neighbor at the class?  The empty-nester?  She's a quilter and after hearing another idea I had,  is going to help me start a project that I'll be posting in a month or two that "could" help others too.  I'm getting my supplies and learning FIRST so I can share later my intention.

So I found a moment of peace, more time to heal and time to come down from the crying fit of rage I had yesterday.  Today, God has given me a clearer mind and is guiding our footsteps to safety. Not really sure yet how all this is playing out...but I know He knows.

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